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Teresa Politano

I am pleased to lead a slate of hard-working, dedicated professionals from diverse fields of study and diverse backgrounds – men and women, recent hires and longtime PTLs. We have a progressive agenda. We are the team that negotiated the recent contract, which offers, for the first time, opportunities for advancement for all PTLs, with significant raises and job security protections. As a team, we worked years gathering and presenting research data that informed the significant improvements in the PTL employment structure. Thanks to our hard work, PTLs are no longer interchangeable freelancers with zero opportunity for advancement. We are also the team that has harnessed new energy; several candidates on our team are new leaders, and bring a fresh, exciting perspective. Moving forward, this team has a clear, concise plan to build on our success, to mirror the employment structures of adjuncts elsewhere in the Big Ten. We recognize that this effort requires vision, focus and hard work. A vote for this slate is vote for continued progress.

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