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Apply for paid internships/organizing fellowships

The Rutgers AAUP-AFT enthusiastically encourages both undergraduate and graduate students to apply for our paid positions that promote activism and empowerment on campus.

Mary Gibson Student-Labor Internship
For undergraduate students at Rutgers


Spring 2018 application deadline March 21, 2018:


Applications are accepted at any time during the year!

Are you an activist?  Would you like to be one?  Do you complain – to your friends, to your professors, to anyone who will listen – about how the University, corporations, and/or the government do not meet your needs? Do you ever gripe--verbally, virtually, or visually—about the injustice(s) you witness? Do you hope to make change in the community around you? If you answered “yes” to any/all of these questions, then you are one step closer to becoming a student organizer. 

Through the Mary Gibson Student-Labor Internship Program, Rutgers AAUP-AFT will provide the resources and space for those interested in learning the fundamentals of student and community organizing for undergraduate students. Students will be given the space and resources to address issues that impact their own lives through student organizing and community-building. Interns will be expected to attend mandatory monthly, in-person meetings/trainings, partake in weekly conference calls, provide updates about their organizing project(s), and to generally keep in touch with their fellow interns and union staff.

This paid internship is made available every semester. Rutgers undergraduate students from all majors/schools/campuses are encouraged to apply. Send applications to If it is in-between semesters, then the student can use the application information for a prior semester. If changes occur, the student will be informed if something new or different becomes important.

Please send your completed application to For further information, contact the union office at 732-964-1000.


Graduate Student Organizing Fellowships


Graduate students who are TAs and GAs are encouraged to apply to build the strength of the union. This organizing fellowship requires 6 hours per week and are paid positions. The goal is to build the strength of the AAUP-AFT by signing Rutgers employees who are representation fee payers into full dues-paying union members.

Organizing fellowships are available most semesters and during the summer teaching sessions. Organizing fellowships are open to any union member and, therefore, might be especially of interest to graduate students who are working as Teaching Assistants or Graduate Assistants, although full-time faculty or part-time faculty are also eligible to apply.

The organizing fellowships are directly related to organizing and mobilizing employees eligible to be union members in one of the bargaining units of the AAUP-AFT. Gradute students who are or have been Teaching Assistants or Graduate Assistants are encouraged to apply. Your time is value so the union is willing to pay you for 6 hours/week of recruiting new members to join the union and energizing those TA-GA who are already members when we need to negotiate new contracts or protest wrongful actions taken by the administration that impacts our members.


Request information and/or apply to any internship or organizing fellowship by contacting the Rutgers AAUP-AFT office:
Phone: 732-964-1000 or via e-mail:

Mary Gibson Student Interns 2015

Two of the 2015 Mary Gibson Student Interns

Left to right: Patrick Nowlan, AAUP-AFT Executive Director; Sivan Rosenthal; and Saad Admani.


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