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Patricia Ojea

PTLs are not guarantee teaching positions from semester to semester.  Those of us who find ourselves without employment are entitled to unemployment.  I am in the process of arranging a specialist in that area to visit each campus with the particulars.  Also, I am mindful of PTL’s commitment to teaching. Yet, most of us are not invited to Department meetings –and social gatherings--where many changes are put into force without our input.  For example, one of my special topics became a permanent course without my prior knowledge.  The description of the course was vague and incomplete, but I am stuck with trying to explain the merits of the course.

My position on these oversights was published along with my bid to represent Camden in 2016. Since that time, more PTLs—including those in my Department—are invited to Department meetings and are listed on Department websites. Another important issue is PTLs are not always consulted about course scheduling before they are posted.  PTLs should not be taken for granted and must be consulted before classes are posted. 

I will advocate on their behalf and on behalf of annual appointments to replace "antiquated" semester contracts, an issue that is currently a part of the negotiations team for our upcoming contract.


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