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Postdoctoral Associates Rights/Benefits

Summary of Rights/Benefits

New! Click here to download a PDF: Summary of improvements in postdoc working conditions
The Agreement between Rutgers University and
Postdoc Union guarantees key working conditions. The new improvements with be integrated into the previous Agreement. A summary is listed below.

All Articles referenced below can be found in the previous Agreement: Click here.

  • representational rights for post-doctoral associates and post-doctoral fellows [Article II]
  • discrimination: the right to work in an environment free of discrimination [Article III]
  • governance: right to participate in governance of the union [Article V]
  • detailed appointment letters [Article VI]
  • salary information [Article VII] - **new salary schedule for July 1, 2015 through July 1, 2017**
  • grievance procedure to address violations of the Union Agreement or University policies related to terms and conditions of employment [Article VIII]
  • paid time off: 15 days of paid time off, 18 days after 4 years of employment; holidays or time off in lieu of holidays when work required; bereavement leave[1] [Article IX]
  • alternative day(s) off if employee required to work when University/official worksite is officially closed [Article X]
  • jury duty time granted [Article XI]
  • family leave in accordance with State of NJ Family Leave Act and Federal Family and Medical Leave Act [Article XII]
  • modifications of assignments: potential for modifications of assignments due to personal, parental or familial circumstances  [Article XII]
  • leave without pay: consideration of requests for a leave without pay [Article XIII]
  • employee assistance program [Article XIV]
  • discipline: prohibition against unjust discipline and right to a union representative at meetings related to discipline [Article XV]
  • health benefits as afforded to State employees [Article XVII]
  • health and safety: employees will not be required to work under conditions that pose a danger to health and safety and the University will provide a safe and healthful environment [Article XVIII]
  • visa issues: Results of a Joint Task Force on Visa Issues will now be added to the new Agreement [Article XXIV]

[1] Does not apply to unit members who work at another institution/facility. In these instances, the policies of the host institution apply.[Article IX.D]

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