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Full-Time Faculty Tenured/Tenure Track Rights/Benefits

Summary of Rights/Benefits

The agreement between Rutgers University and the AAUP-AFT for full-time faculty members and teaching/graduate assistants guarantees the rights listed below. All Articles and Sections referenced below are in the current Collective Negotiations Agreement (aka contract). The new Agreement in its final form has been posted: Current Full-Time Faculty (T/TT/NTT) and TA-GA Collective Negotiations Agreement 

2017 FAQs on Tenure-Track Faculty Reappointment and Promotion Procedures: 2017 FAQs

Faculty Transition to Retirement Program
Download the full text of the FTTRP
Ratified by tenured and tenure-track faculty full union members in October 2015, t
he initial application period should be the spring of 2016 for an effective date of July 1, 2016. As of October 21, the state of New Jersey still needs to finalize its regulations on the transition to retirement program and the AAUP-AFT will work with Rutgers administration on the application documents. 
Here's a Q & A document explaining the optional FTTRP benefit

Other rights and benefits

  • academic freedom: the rights associated with the principles of academic freedom [Article II and also Rutgers University Policy 60.5.1, download pdf online]
  • environment free of discrimination: the right to work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment [Articles IV and IX]
  • the right to a set salary [Article VIII]
  • health benefits: as afforded to State employees [Section VIII, Part Four]
  • appeal/grievance procedures: to address defective evaluations [Article X]; non-reappointment of TAs/GAs [Article XI]; denial of tenure [Articles X and XIII]; and violation of University policies/procedures related to terms and conditions of employment [Article IX]
  • a workload for faculty that is consistent with the practice of the department/unit [Article XV]
  • time off for health reasons: the right to time off for health reasons [Article XVI]
  • recuperative leave and parental release time: 6 weeks or longer of paid recuperative leave for pregnancy related events; eligibility for an additional 8 weeks for parental release time for a total of up to 14 weeks (one semester) of time off
  • leave of absence: eligibility for a leave of absence without pay for birth/adoption, or a serious health condition of employee or family member in accordance with State of NJ Family Leave Act and extension of term appointments [Article XVI, Section B]
  • exclusion from the probationary period: tenure-track faculty are eligible, though still working, to have one- (and possibly) a two-year exclusion from the probationary period when serving as the principal or co-equal care-giver for a family member suffering from a serious health condition; or, when he/she has become a parent during the first 5 years of the probationary period or within one year prior to appointment; or, when he/she is suffering from a serious health condition [Article XVI, Section C]
  • modifications of assignments due to parental or familial circumstances: Chairs, deans, and other supervisory personnel will work with unit members to discuss/consider modifications of assignments due to parental or familial circumstances [Article XVI.E]
  • leave of absence: paid family leave (Article XVI); eligibility for an unpaid leave of absence for professional development; personal convenience or completion of terminal degree (for up to two years). [Article XVII]. Tenure-track faculty members who take a semester of leave are eligible to have one year excluded from probationary period and to have employment term extended. [Article XVII]
  • personnel file: the right to review and copy official personnel file and to add material to that file [Article XVIII]
  • pre-tax payroll deduction: for parking fees [Article XIX.D.3]
  • Educational Assistance Program: for full time Teaching and Graduate Assistants [Article XIX.E]
  • health and safety: employees will not be required to work under conditions that pose a danger to health and safety [Article XIX.E]
  • University Policy Library: all terms and conditions of employment as applicable and set forth in the University Policy Library (formerly the University Regulations and Procedures Manual)  [Article XXI and University Policy Library]
  • faculty who hire TAs and GAs must provide written notice of employment status to TAs/GAs: Written notice of employment status to TAs/GAs for coming year [Article XII.B]; contract letters that detail important information regarding the appointment [Article XII.A]; workload cap of 15 hrs. per week averaged over term of appointment [Article XII.C]
  • evaluation procedures: for faculty as also set forth in the University Academic Reappointment/Promotion Instructions [Article XIV]


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