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Rutgers Newark Bylaws


Bylaws Document/Link (if available)

Date of Last Amendment

Arts and Sciences

Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Newark (FASN) bylaws (last updated 11/2/2005)

The above PDF document is no longer available online at RU-Newark. There is a link to a "faculty handbook" webpage for the whole university: 

Approved by FASN April 1995; last amendment 11/2/05

Rutgers Business School (RBS)

See: Blackboard

The link above used to be available for faculty with access to Blackboard, but this link is now broken.


Criminal Justice

See: Bylaws Master

October 21, 1974; Revised May 15, 1980

Graduate School

See: Bylaws Master

Adopted December 8, 1999

Public Affairs & Administration

See: Bylaws Master



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