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Full-Time Faculty and TA-GA contract ratification documents


Below are sections of the Collective Agreement for the Full-Time Faculty and TA-GA bargaining unit that have been ratified by the members, plus a summary of Article VIII (Salary) and a Legal Memo about the "Subject to" language.

Anyone may now view the documents. The members-only password protection has been removed from these documents. A cleaned-up document of the ratified Collective Agreement will be posted as soon as possible.

This document is the overall tentative agreement that lists all of the agreements reached in this round of negotiations:

Tentative Agreement

These next three documents relate to the economic provisions in the tentative agreement, including salaries, health care and the “subject to” language:

Article VIII – Salary, Health Care and Subject To

Summary of Article VIII

Legal Memo on Subject To

These documents cover the non-economic provisions of the agreement:

Article IV Nondiscrimination

Article VII Designation of AAUP-AFT Representatives and Their Privileges

Article X Faculty Personnel Grievance Procedure

Article XI TAGA Personnel Grievance Procedure

Article XII TAGA

Article XVI Family Leave and Disability Resulting From Pregnancy

Article XIX Miscellaneous

Article XXVII Term of Agreement

Appendix H Faculty Suspension at Less than Full Pay

Finally, these three new appendices will be added to the contract upon ratification:

NTT Personnel Grievance Procedure

Health Care Quality and Cost Containment

Sustainable TA-GA Appointments




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