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Contract Campaign

We, faculty and graduate employees at the Rutgers AAUP-AFT, have joined with our medical faculty colleagues, university staff and maintenance workers to pursue a joint program of bargaining for the common good. Together, we make up nearly 20,000 unionized employees at Rutgers in the Coalition of Rutgers Unions.

Our union’s goals, based on our fall 2017 contract survey, are to achieve equity, job security, gender and race equity, affordable healthcare and education, and academic freedom. We aim to strengthen faculty governance and resist the corporatization of the university. We want to fundamentally change how Rutgers functions and make it a democracy where faculty, students, and Rutgers employees play important decision making roles.

Collective bargaining gives us all a seat at the emperor’s table. This process is powerful. It busts through corporate governance, responsibility-centered management, and the false austerity imposed upon schools and departments. By law, President Barchi must take faculty seriously, bargaining with us in good faith. We aim to demonstrate that we are Rutgers, and we made Rutgers revolutionary!

Job Security

  1. Reduce the growth of contingent positions by increasing the number of Tenured and Tenure-Track (TT) faculty; increasing the number of Teaching Assistant (TA) and Graduate Assistant (GA) positions; and, expanding tenure by creating a teaching-intensive tenure track for NTT faculty
  2. Create a path to longer term appointments and evaluation for Non-Tenure Track (NTT) faculty and Part Time Lecturers (PTLs)
  3. Establish 5-year graduate employee (TA/GA/fellow) contracts
  4. Establish bridge funds for principal investigators in support of grant-funded GAs, post-docs, and research faculty
  5. Resist the corporatization of the university by placing power back in the hands of faculty over our conditions of work (such as work load policies, tenure and promotion policies, and student complaints processes)
  6. Renew and expand the phased retirement plan


  1. Fight for pay equity across all three Rutgers campuses (Newark, Camden and New Brunswick)
  2. Gain automatic yearly cost-of-living raises every year plus merit/FCP raises
  3. Address salary compression so that long-term faculty don’t lag behind newer faculty
  4. Win equal pay for equal work for part-time lecturers (PTLs); this involves a fractional salary structure with the minimum payment for a course set at $7250
  5. Establish disability/sick leave separate from family leave and have it cover all faculty
  6. Change the sabbatical program to include one semester of leave at 100% pay after six semesters of accumulated service or one year at 100% after 12 semesters of accumulated service for all faculty
  7. Establish a PhD-level Educational Opportunity Fund

Gender & Race Equity

  1. Push for the hiring of African American, Latino, Native American and Asian faculty in proportion to the percentage of these groups in NJ
  2. Create faculty leadership bodies at Camden, Newark and New Brunswick to oversee this process of hiring and retention
  3. Strive for salary equity corrections and create a path for women and faculty of color to seek wage parity with whites and males
  4. Make the path to full professorship for female associate professors more transparent (only 30% of full professors are female, and only 20% of Distinguished professors are female)
  5. Make Rutgers more family friendly through the construction of lactation rooms as well as one semester family leave for both male and female faculty (plus six weeks recuperative leave for birth mothers) without closed-rank provisions

Academic Freedom

  1. Guarantee academic freedom in the classroom—both the physical classroom and online classes.
  2. Defend academic freedom in social media and online communication.
  3. Ensure freedom to communicate via email and other focused online portals without surveillance/monitoring.
  4. Extend academic freedom protection to PTLs and NTTs.
  5. Broaden faculty governance with particular attention to the curriculum.

Affordable Healthcare & Education

  1. Get significant reduction in healthcare contributions for all faculty
  2. Win affordable and quality healthcare for all graduate workers
  3. Freeze tuition for undergrads, zero tuition for Ph.D. students, and expand state funding of the Educational Opportunity Fund programs to increase student access, diversity and success
  4. Establish healthcare for all part-time employees, including PTLs
  5. $15 minimum wage for student workers at Rutgers


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