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Update on PTL Bargaining: Administration's Positions Show Contempt for PTLs

Submitted by Staff on Mon, 06/22/2015 - 17:05


On June 22, the President of the Rutgers PTL Faculty Chapter-AAUP-AFT, Teresa Politanto, sent the following message to PTLs in the bargaining unit:

I want to give you a sense of how the administration acts at the bargaining table.

We've put forward some innovative and reasonable proposals but, so far, the administration has denied nearly everything.

  • Our PTL bargaining team has proposed fractional (professional) rather than per course (piecework) appointments linked to the comparable full-time work of non-tenure track faculty, which would incorporate non-teaching duties as paid activities. The administration proposes a 1% increase amounting to about $48 per year and prefers to stick with per course pay with no acknowledgement of PTLs’ additional duties.
  • Our bargaining team has proposed a $495,000 professional development fund for PTLs, less than the amount of the new TA fund. The administration has proposed $25,000.
  • Our bargaining team has proposed enhancing tuition remission benefits for PTLs. The administration insists that the status quo (50% remission after 6 credits for only the PTL, no dependents) is enough.
  • Our bargaining team argues that the current PTL parking fee of $25 is already too high for our salaries. The administration wants to raise the parking fee to $150 per year, which is the annual fee for those earning $60,000 - $70,000, according to the parking fee calculator: 

The single most important issue stressed by PTLs in individual conversations and in surveys is Respect. These and other positions of the Rutgers administration show contempt instead.

A contract campaign will be necessary to show the administration that PTLs deserve respect and that full-time faculty, students, and staff support them in their efforts. All of us will need to participate to the extent that we can.

Watch for further details.

In solidarity,
Teresa Politano, President
Rutgers Part-Time Lecturer Faculty Chapter, AAUP-AFT

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