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PTL Union Members Ratify 3-Year Agreement

Submitted by Staff on Thu, 05/07/2015 - 17:57

The retroactive salary increase was scheduled to be on the Friday, January 29, 2016, and many PTL union members alerted the union to the problems and issues with how RU management handled it. Thanks to full union members monitoring their paychecks the union leadership were able to spring into action to protest the way it was done. Many members have informed us that they saw corrected paychecks on Feb 12, 2016. Are you in the regular habit of checking your paystubs? Please make it a habit--and let the PTL Faculty chapter and union staff know if you think something needs to be checked out.


PTL Faculty Chapter President Teresa Politanto sent this message to Part-Time Lecturers in the bargaining unit:
Additional information: Copy of Media Release sent out 7 December 2015

It is my pleasure to announce that by an overwhelming majority (97%), our membership has ratified a new union contract covering our salaries and working conditions for three years, including the current semester. Our members will see larger paychecks each year and more Professional Development money so we can enhance our work. We will also continue pushing on the newly created Joint Committee for Performance Evaluation to enshrine a clear and defined career path for adjuncts. And we grew our union’s strength through the addition of 500 new Part-Time Lecturers into our represented bargaining unit.

We certainly didn’t win all that we set out to achieve. Our goals remain to win full tuition remission for Rutgers adjuncts and their families, salary equity with full-time teaching faculty, healthcare benefits, career paths and long term contracts and much, much more. We will take a well-earned respite over the Holiday season, and then continue organizing on Day 1 of the new semester to work towards accomplishing our goals.

I want to thank all of our members and activists who put their time and energy into our contract campaign that helped us win the gains we will now enjoy. There is no magic wand that can be waved to win a new union contract: it requires the dedication of many members and the support and involvement of many more. We look forward to the next round of contract negotiations, when we envision a more robust involvement among our membership and energetic support from not only our full-time faculty colleagues, but also the 20,000 or so other unionized employees of Rutgers University. Thank you again to everyone who stood with us and was willing to affirm that Part-Time Lecturers deserve respect!

Teresa Politano
PTL Faculty Chapter
Rutgers AAUP-AFT
(732) 964-1000

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