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PTL Members Are Voting on Union Dues Increase

Submitted by Staff on Wed, 05/17/2017 - 13:09


On May 16, 2017, Teresa Politano, president of the PTL Faculty Chapter of Rutgers AAUP-AFT, sent a critical message to full members of the part-time lecturer faculty union about an important members-only vote.

Members are voting to approve a dues increase. Approved overwhelmingly by the PTL Executive Board, most members will pay just $1.80 more per week.

This important member decision is being conducted by an electronic voting process. Members should look for an email from the American Arbitration Association, AAAElections.* The email includes a fact sheet that details the current PTL faculty circumstances, recent gains, union goals, and how the additional money will be spent.

Teresa Politano said: "We have fought Christie, we will fight Trump. But now, and especially in light of the upcoming Janus vs AFSCME Supreme Court case, we need your support moving forward to continue.  We have never, in the history of our union, increased our dues. Yet these are not ordinary times."

* Important Note:

If you have not received the AAAElections email, please check your spam folder and your new Rutgers email account. If you are unable to locate this critical message, PLEASE CALL 1-800-529-5218 to request your PIN (“Personal Identification Number”) over the phone for completing the voting process.

Please be advised that this number is only for requesting a PIN after completing a brief screener to verify identity; this organization does not provide any information to members regarding the status of the election beyond the polling dates/times.  

PTL Union Members, please take a minute to vote and urge your colleagues to do so as well.

Everyone can enter the virtual polling place through this URL:
Organization ID: AAUPAFT
PIN (unique for each voter)


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