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PTL Bargaining Update & Oct 14 Action

Submitted by Staff on Fri, 10/09/2015 - 14:58

Great contract campaign action with PTLs and students, full-time faculty, and staff standing in solidarity with them on October 14, 2015!

First, thank you to all of the Part-Time Lecturers at Rutgers who showed up on September 28th to our bargaining session protest. The energy was electric, and we had a great showing of strength. Full-time faculty, staff, post-docs, graduate students, and undergrads were all there in solidarity. Our spirited protest received great coverage on NJTV and the front-page of the Daily Targum.

However, the administration will need to hear from many more of us in coming weeks before we see substantial progress. So far, they have only moved from their initial insulting offer of a 1% annual raise to a 2% raise for adjuncts, though we did succeed in getting them to lower their outrageous parking fee.

This is still far from an acceptable proposal to us. For a PTL making the $4,800 minimum wage for teaching a 3-credit course, a 2% raise equals less than $100 per year. Management insists that this is all they can afford, and that it’s the same percentage that the full-time faculty received in their recent negotiations. However, management seems to forget that the lowest paid full-time faculty who are non-tenure track actually received a 43% increase to their base salary. It’s worth noting that the sum of all salaries for 1,800 adjuncts at Rutgers totals only $22.7 million (that is, 0.6% of Rutgers operating budget), which is a pretty sweet deal for the administration considering we teach well over one-third of all courses. We should also acknowledge that the salaries of the top 79 administrators exceed $26 million, a shocking sum that surpasses the combined total for all 1,800 adjuncts.

In terms of our ongoing contract campaign, we’re plan to attend the upcoming Board of Governors meeting in New Brunswick on Wed, October 14th at 12:30pm, Winants Hall, 7 College Ave, New Brunswick. We will present the B.O.G. with a packet of letters from undergraduate students voicing their support for our PTL bargaining proposals. We’ll also present them with a stack of resolutions of support from our Full-Time colleagues, passed in departments across Rutgers. We’re also planning to have coordinated actions in Newark and Camden over the next month. See you there!

And finally, we’re setting our sights on the opening celebration for the launch of Rutgers’ 250th Anniversary, November 10th at 4:00 PM on the lawn of Old Queens. President Barchi recently invited all faculty, students and staff to attend, and we certainly plan to do so! Please add this date--Nov. 10th--to your calendar. We’ll be mobilizing people from across all campuses to attend.

It’s time that we demand respect for Part-Time Lecturers. As our slogan goes: Rutgers works because we do.

In Solidarity,
Teresa Politano
President, PTL Faculty Chapter


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