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Distinguished Professors support Union, blast Barchi

Submitted by bencarroll on Tue, 03/26/2019 - 15:31

I’m writing to draw your attention to a full-page statement in today’s (Tuesday, March 26)Targum, signed by 70 Rutgers Distinguished Professors, that vigorously criticizes Pres. Barchi’s policies and priorities. You can pick up a copy of the Targum and read this statement today. Or you can download a smaller copy here and post on your door.

Why now?

For the past year, Rutgers’ faculty have worked without a contract while our union has had to put up with a management that refuses to bargain in good faith.

This refusal confirms and supports the Barchi administration’s more extensive and long-term departure from the priorities of a public university: research, teaching, and service. Barchi’s policies have also failed to support common standards of fairness. This is why 88% of faculty and grads have voted to authorize a strike.

The Targum statement outlines and documents these charges in detail. A few examples:

--Barchi has denied a living wage to our adjunct/Part-Time Lecturers (PTLs are paid a little over $5,100 per course per semester). Although about 3,000 adjunct faculty do over half of the undergraduate teaching at Rutgers, the administration devotes less than one percent of its budget to their compensation.

--The number of tenure-track African American faculty at Rutgers in 1976 was 175. The number of tenure-track African American faculty in 2017 was 89. The amount Barchi has allocated for diversity hiring for 2018-2022 is $0.

--244 Rutgers administrators are paid more than $250,000 a year. Their total price tag is $80 million a year. At least $11.5 million was spent on “golden parachutes” for administrators and coaches between 2010 and 2018.

--The athletics deficit in 2017 was $47.4 million, a year when nearly $12 million in student fees was transferred to the Athletics Department and over $200,000 was spent hiring private jets for athletics recruiting.

Thanks for reading today’s statement by Distinguished Professors. It is my hope that our voices will help in the struggle for a better Rutgers, one that prioritizes teaching, research and service.

My best,

Michael McKeon, BOG Distinguished Professor of English

What can you do to move bargaining forward - TAKE ACTION!

Take the Strike Pledge: I will act in solidarity with my colleagues! CLICK HERE.

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