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Chancellor Dutta: Stand with Grad Workers

Submitted by bencarroll on Wed, 12/06/2017 - 10:11

Our future and America’s future are at stake because of Trump’s horrifying tax plan. Graduate workers at more than 40 universities spoke out on November 29th. Across the nation the message was clear: any tax plan that passes increasing our tax burden by upwards of 5-10% of our salaries, any tax plan that passes limiting ability of students to pay off loans, any tax plan that passes that targets our communities is not acceptable.

Time is running out to speak out for our future to take a stand against the Trump Tax Plan - we need to hold not only our legislators but also our university responsible to the financial devastation that is this tax plan. Here’s what you can plug into THIS WEEK to have your voice heard:

On Wednesday (12/6) at 4:30 PM in the Academic Building Lecture Hall 4225, join us at the town hall with New Brunswick Chancellor Dutta, where we will be posing the demand that not only should the university cover the costs imposed on graduate workers by this tax plan but that the university needs to abolish tuition altogether as it is largely a nominal cost except for when it’s being charged to unfunded doctoral students. If you'll be there, RSVP with

Can’t make it? Call the New Jersey Congressmen most likely to vote to include the tuition tax in a final version of the bill:

Frank LoBiondo 202-225-6572 @RepLoBiondo
Tom MacArthur 202-225-4765 @RepTomMacArthur
Christopher Smith 202-225-3765 @RepChrisSmith
Leonard Lance 202-225-5361 @RepLanceNJ7
Rodney Frelinghuysen 202-225-5034  @USRepRodney

Sign the Columbia Grad Workers' union petition addressed to the joint committee that will determine the final bill to argue against using higher education to provide tax cuts to corporations.

National Coverage of the Grad Tax


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