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Part-Time Lecturer Officers & Representatives

The Part-Time Lecturers have elected leaders who serve on their own PTL Executive Board and, in addition, they send a representative to the monthly Executive Council meeting of the Rutgers AAUP-AFT.

President and PTL Representative to the Executive Council
Teresa Politano
Journalism, SC&I, New Brunswick (NB)
email: tpolitano3 AT

David Chapman
Music, Mason Gross School of the Arts (NB)
email: david.chapman469 AT

William Fernekes
Political Science (NB)
Email: bill41 AT

Barbara Godofsky Leavy
Psychology, Camden
email: bgleavy AT

Newark Vice-President
Beth Adubato
School of Criminal Justice, Newark
Email: badubato AT

Camden Vice-President
Paul More
Mathematics, Camden
email: pdmore67 AT

Alternate PTL Representative to the Executive Council
David Chapman
Music, MGSA, New Brunswick (NB)
Email: dchapman AT


Executive Board Representatives:

Camden Representatives

Patricia Ojea
Political Science, Camden
email: ojea AT

Cynthia Saltzman
Sociology, Camden
email: cynthias AT

Newark Representatives

Benjamin Burgis
Philosophy, Newark
Email: benjamin.burgis AT

Colleen Martinez
School of Social Work, Newark
Email: colleendalymartinez AT

Abdur R. Yasin
Public Affairs and Administration, Newark
Email: abdur.yasin AT

New Brunswick Representatives

One vacancy as of January 2018 (due to person's job change from PTL to NTT faculty)

Brian Kin Lee
Physics & Astronomy, NB
Email: brian.kin.lee AT

Michael Slott
Labor Studies (SMLR), NB
email: mslott AT

Karen Thompson
English Writing Program, NB (also Senate Rep)
email: kgtkarent AT




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