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Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Contract Campaign 2013

NTT faculty gained important new and improved terms and conditions of employment. The new Agreement was approved by membership vote on January 31, 2014. A year of diligent work behind the scenes with the RU Office of Academic Labor Management Relations resulted in the new terms being incorporated into Rutgers Univeristy Policy. This announcement was made on January 1, 2015.

The persistence of union member activism is at the root of this significant improvement in professional working conditions for full-time non-tenure track faculty.

Actions such as signing a petition in support of the Non-Tenure Track Faculty presented to the Board of Governors and President Barchi and spirited informational picket lines made a difference! Thanks to all who participated. Now we go on to negotiate a successor agreement that covers all the full-time faculty and teaching & graduate assistants.

The petition in support of the Non-Tenure Track Faculty was presented to the Board of Governors and President Barchi on December 3, 2013 and we held an informational picket on the same day, December 3, before the BOG meeting began. The signature ad with full-time Distinguished Professors leading the way in support of the NTT made a big splash in the center-fold of the student newspaper in New Brunswick, The Daily Targum. The same ad ran in the Newark Observer and the Camden Gleaner student newspapers.

Listen to the radio ad that began airing on Thursday, September 26 across the state. Humor combined with a serious message: NTT Radio Ad

Ann Gordon spoke to the Board of Governors at their July meeting about the stalled negotiations: Read her remarks

Much research went into preparing our contract proposals, including a union-negotiated creation of a task force that studied the issues and released a report on April 30, 2009:
NTT Faculty Task Force Report, April 2009

In our preparation for going to the bargaining table, we found many good examples of employment policies for full-time, non-tenure track faculty at other universities:
Annotated List of NTT employment policies at other universities (January 2013).


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