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Ann Alter

I have been a PTL at Rutgers since 2007.  I was at the point when no one would hire me because of my age, so coming to Rutgers has turned into a permanent job. I love to teach and teaching here at Rutgers has generally been very satisfying.   My students appreciate my teaching; and I appreciate their willingness to learn and be challenged. The result is that I receive regular feedback from students as they move on to other courses and careers.  

But since I work very hard to make Rutgers students better, I expect Rutgers would reward ALL the faculty that make it such an excellent academic institution. 

This is definitely not the case. 

I resent being underpaid and treated as though I am a second class citizen. As a member of the PTL board I will fight for better starting salaries and for ways to bring everyone up to the same pay, across all departments and on all campuses.  

In addition, I will fight to end the secrecy and lack of transparency in the departments so that complaints made by students are reported to the teachers when they happen.  There is no justification for a system where PTLs are neither informed of student complaints nor have a chance to defend themselves when these complaints are made.  Too often PTL faculty feel as though they have little say about what happens in their classrooms and are the least respected and listened to in the teaching hierarchy. 

Yet we, the PTLs, are the bulk of the teaching faculty at Rutgers. It is time that salaries, contracts and benefits reflect the crucial role of the PTLs and that the culture of the university recognizes that without the PTL's the university cannot survive. 

As a state institution, Rutgers should be the model for employment, whether for full-time or part-time faculty.  I will fight for and support all efforts to make this possible.  Solidarity forever!

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